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I Am: A Self Portrait (c) Dr. Joan M.E. Gaither

Hello and welcome (back) to an original feature of Dr. Gaither’s website.

When this website first began in late 2008, it was a blog documenting the work Dr. Gaither was doing in the community with a focus on Journey to the White House quilt which was completed on inauguration weekend 2009. The blog shared stories about her works and gave insider details on her process, images and objects on her quilts, and the history and storytelling depicted in each artwork.

The blog was written by me, Genevieve Kaplan, a close friend and collaborator, who is fortunate to be a part of Dr. Gaither’s great community quilting circle. My job has been to help document Dr. Gaither’s quilting process through her words and photographs and share them with the virtual community. After a few years, the blog entries slowed from a couple each week to months and finally stopping after I relocated from Maryland and the online presence was converted into a traditional website.

In the 10 years since this website was built, Dr. Gaither has created several new works that have gone on exhibit throughout the country. In the coming weeks and months we are planning to overhaul this website to bring new content, share behind the scenes stories, and hopefully inspire our readers.

We look forward to connecting with all of you. Please be patient as this site slowly evolves and let us know if there are any stories or pieces you would like us to feature first.

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