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To learn how you can bring Dr. Gaither's documentary story quilting experience to you and your school or organization, please contact us at

How-to Workshops
Talks & Lectures

Learn about documentary story quilting and then create your own quilt square using personal photographs and objects. How-to workshops accommodate small and large groups of all ages and backgrounds. No prior quilting experience is required.

Discover the power of art, history, and storytelling in a lecture given by Dr. Gaither. Past presentations focused on several topics including documenting history, genealogical research, education, art making, and much more. 


School Workshops
Document Your History for Groups and Individuals

Create a dynamic hands-on classroom experience with a workshop or presentation for your students. Dr. Gaither has worked with elementary, middle, and high school students as well as college classes to create quilts documenting local history. Her workshops form dynamic cross-curricular learning opportunities for students of all ages. She also provides professional development programs and classes for teachers at all grade levels.

Document your history through organization and individual-specific consultations and program offerings. Work with Dr. Gaither to develop, design, and create a documentary story quilt telling the story only you can tell. This program is ideal for families, family reuions, and organizations and corportations looking to document their organizational history.

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